About McIntosh Racing

We are able to supply nearly every part of a Featherbed Manx, with the emphasis on high quality. It is our aim to produce parts of equal quality and finish to the original product.We offer overhauls of all the major components including motors, gearboxes, clutches, forks, wheels, carburetors, and magnetos. We also repair petrol and oil tanks, frames and swingarms – in fact almost any part of the machine.

We can carry out complete restoration or race preparation to the highest standards. We own and race Nortons ourselves, and look after local customers bikes directly.

We are also increasing the range of parts available for pre-featherbed Manxes and Internationals. Check with us if a part is not on our list.Please feel free to e-mail any questions or feedback.

McIntosh Racing is also located at http://www.manxnorton.co.nz

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