Wet, wet, and wetter

We got through qualifying OK with 6th position. The weather was atrocious!

Bruce went out first and was fast from the start. The brake was really viscous when cold at low speed but came right when riding. I went back to the pit to get the front stand and tools which is about a kilometre walk! We took the wheel out in the holding area to try and get some of the grab out of it. Dean’s girlfriend Charlotte was a big help, and clearly knew what she was doing. We got out a lap late.

The rain was constant and toward the end of the session got heavier. When the bikes were stopping for the rider change the water trapped in the flanged rims must have been about half a litre and came out like a waterfall.

Dean took over and matched Bruce’s times so we were happy. Sixth place on the Le Mans start is OK.


The car-park has turned to a sea of mud, and it really was not a lot of fun.

Race day today has taken a turn for the better with high cloud. Off we go!


Debbie, Charlotte and Dean, when it wasn’t raining!


Bruce, with his special leathers from the Isle of Man, 2013 and 2014


Debbie and Charlotte in pit lane, hiding from the rain.



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