Ready for Goodwood

We spent yesterday afternoon in Wallingford, near Oxford packing the van and preparing for Goodwood.

The bike looks great and the motor is running strong.

My efforts to persuade Bruce Anstey to ride were worth the effort and combined with Dean Stimpson we have a strong team.

We are the best organised we have yet been with a good bike, good toolkit and now everything in plastic boxes, with lids. The plastic boxes proved essential, as when it rained in the Isle of Man all my cardboard boxes got wet bottoms after water ran through the tent in the night.

The work space at Goodwood is very cramped in the “period” corrugated iron  “lean-to”.

I listened to a vocal complaint from a fellow motorcycle mechanic about how bad it was, and I agreed with him, but pointed out the mechanic I met who looked after a five million pound Alfa Romeo Pre-war GP car was very envious that we had a back wall to our pits as he worked under an open carport with the rain running down his neck!

We arrive on Thursday to set up, and there should be Live Streaming of the qualifying on Friday and the “Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy” races on Saturday and Sunday.


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