Race sheets for Saturdays Senior Classic

Here is the link to the Senior Classic TT race results, lap by lap.

Click to access Bennetts%20Senior%20Lap%20by%20Lap-2.pdf

Neville Wooderson was really happy to have finally got his 100 mph lap with a standard framed Gold Star with Chris Swallow riding to 10th place. If fact he got a 100.919 race average. Dave Morley helped prepare the motor so they should all be very pleased with their Kiwi effort.

Jamie Cowton, riding Dave Kenah’s Manx was unlucky to retire at the pits at the end of the 3rd lap with a broken off footrest, when he was lying 7th.

The star of the race was Jamie Coward riding the wheels off Ted Woof’s Summerfield 92 bore Manx with a standard Featherbed frame  to an incredible 110.057 third lap. His second lap was the first ever 110 mph lap by a single. In 2014 we did 108.1 so he was just amazing.

I spoke to Ted Woof after the race to congratulate him on doing what I thought was impossible! He claimed it was all down to the rider but clearly he has done a great job preparing the whole bike.

The Sunday Festval at Jurby was packed out as usual. We took the 1950 Works to display, but were too late to parade it.


Kevin Grant gave Cameron Donald a ride on the Britten but now, sadly we both have something in common; we have both had a Britten stop underneath us with expensive noises. After its recent rebuild the blue Britten sounds like it may have dropped a valve.

Bob Robbin’s yellow Britten was running but has some problems they expected to fix.


Bob Robbins brought his Britten from the USA for Stephen Briggs to ride.

Rod Ianucchi has his Redman/Hailwood Honda 6 cylinder 350 running and TT television commentator Steve Plater is due to do a demonstration lap tomorrow.


Dave Roper and Rob Iannuchi brought the 1966 Honda 6 cylinder out for a run.

Sunday evening was the Legend’s dinner with guests interviewed on stage including Bruce Anstey and John McGuinness


Charlie Williams inter viewing  500cc Senior Winner Josh Brookes and 250cc winner Bruce Anstey


John McGuinness and Michael Dunlop on stage. John’s leg brace is clearly visible, helping grow the bone at a rate of 1 mm per day







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