Ready to race

The 350 is ready for tomorrow morning. We tried raising the gearing for the last practice and have ended up lowering it again. New tyres are scrubbed in and the wheelbase lengthened to where Cam liked it best.

We have done seven laps without incident and are as ready as we can ever be!

Yesterday afternoon Cam led the parade away on the 1950 Works Norton and was away at speed. The clutch made a big cloud of dust off the line and I was sure it would be all bad, but it was never a problem and came back working fine.

Cam was doing work for the TV production due to screen here later next week, and they equipped him with a microphone which they claimed would let him talk at over 100 mph.

Cam wore a Geoff Duke Replica 1950 “pudding basin” helmet supplied by Davida Helmets. He says the noise from the 6 inch megaphone was incredible, even with ear plugs.

Cam will be writing the story of the lap for magazines and he pressed on right from the start to a good speed. Like Bruce Anstey two years ago, Cam reported that despite being the first “Featherbed” it really didn’t need too much to be changed if it was going to be raced and it felt right at home on the Isle of Man circuit.

Michael Dunlop rode a “Bob McIntyre Replica 500 Gilera” with full dustbin fairing and achieved an over 100 mph lap from a standing start, to commemorate the first 100 mph lap 60 years before.

The 500 Senior TT was won by Australian Josh Brookes riding the Paton that John McGuinness has ridden for the last 3 years.

Off to bed for an early start tomorrow.






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