We were intending to do last nights practice to try higher gearing, but our new 18 tooth gearbox sprocket from the UK agents for Bruce Verdon’s gearboxes, was delivered to the house in the morning when no one was here to sign, and spent the entire day doing a tour of the island.

All attempts to rendezvous with the van were rejected and we had to wait until after 6 pm to get it!

As it turned out our practice was stopped following a crash so we didn’t miss out anyway.

We fitted our new tyres from Avon and checked everything over. Cam is happy to race “as is”.

There is a practice today before the Senior Classic TT so we are OK and Cam gets to lead the parade later in the afternoon on the 1950 “Works”. We will fit a nice new ribbed Avon F2 race compound front tyre today to the “Works” as it is a bit worn after Bruce Anstey last rode it here in 2015.


We have a new confirmed rider for Goodwood after the series of top rider “almost coming” was like a soap opera.

It was my first choice, and winner of last week’s Ulster GP, Bruce Anstey!!!

Bruce Anstey and Dean Stimpson; Dream Team!

Now, off to the pits!




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